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Casa De Miguelitos

Casa de Miguelitos Resort offers five unique vacation homes where you and your family can enjoy the fresh and cool air of Tagaytay. These homes are designed for romantic getaways and family vacations who want to enjoy a casual elegance. These include fully airconditioned rooms, spacious toilets and baths, comfortable living rooms, dining areas, and fully-equipped kitchens. The guests also have access to the pool and other recreational facilities. In Casa de Miguelitos Resort, we can ensure to meet the ever-changing needs, comfort, and security of the customers through our attentive and trained personnel. Book now and create amazing experiences in Casa de Miguelitos Resort!

SIPAG - Mr. Marlon and Ms. Michelle Aman showed valuable and constant efforts in fulfilling their dreams by being diligent all the time, They pursued by giving all persevering attention to every single details because they believe that this characteristic will put their dreams into reality.

SAKRIPISYO – the most important part of the company’s success is by learning the virtue of sacrifices, Miguelitos has been on the roller coaster ride since the beginning, by these challenges, Miguielitos Learned that in able to reach success and goals there must be sacrifices by exerting double efforts, extra time and ultimate understanding about the company’s nature. Today Miguelitos claimed that all their sacrifices are all worth it!”.

TIYAGA - Is the ability to endure difficult circumstances such as perseverance in the face of delay, Miguelitos believed that in able for us to be successful, we need to learn the art of the perfect timing, because we really believed that the attitude while waiting for the perfect time is the key of being successful someday.